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How do I appoint an architect who is right for me?

Ensuring the relationship and personalities are a match between both parties is extremely important. Ensure you find an architect that can interpret your aspirations and understands how to create.

Can you get me planning permission; I have tried before and was unsuccessful.

We are sometimes asked to step in when others have been refused planning permission, or where negotiations with planning authorities have reached an impasse. The secret can lie in establishing the true potential of the site through an understanding of the context and creative design, and we ensure to treat each case with the necessary care and attention.

I’m not very good at reading drawings, will I have a clear picture / idea of the finished result before work starts?

We develop all of our plans using 3D technology, meaning your plans are visually clear and in colour to the point of being similar to a photograph. You will be able to gauge a clear understanding of space & size, light & darkness and actually materials used.

I have a really difficult site to develop – there are significant level changes; can you help?

Modelling the ground, considering orientation (the sun’s path) and whether cut and fill will help … The planning authority will be interested to know how the building will impact on countryside views from places where the public can see the site. Our design and imagery will assist in this understanding and we will embark on the design process aware that this could become a key driver in the application’s success.

Do I need a planning consultant; the local Plan Policies are challenging.

We can provide some assistance with planning issues; we spend much of our working time designing and sometimes there is a need to engage a professional who can interpret Policies, and case precedent, to fully establish the regulatory framework. We work alongside consultants productively, and the advice we give you will synthesise the input of each.

What will it cost to build the house you design for me?

Often the critical issue following our appointment is the granting of planning permission for a building that is large enough to meet the client’s needs. Only after this is the issue of cost raised in detail. There is some sense in this, as the vagaries of the planning system can mean that the initial aspirations are changed by the time permission is granted. For some clients a budget forms part of the brief. We can structure the service we provide to bring forward the analysis of the design at the planning stage to estimate the costs. For example cost see our fees page here.

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